Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lugs: Fat or Thin...

A bit of advice to the Newbie Vintage Collector.

Buy the best you can afford.

Polished lugs, overpolished lugs. Thin lugs, Thick lugs...

Watches are and were meant to be worn. Every ding is a recording of a moment. A recording of a moment that objects in the universe collided. An unworn watch tells a pale story. It holds little to no "Energy" of it's past owner (s) legacy.

In short. Don't ask me how thick the lugs are. These sort of questions simply mean you don't get the point of collecting vintage watches.

Remember: The guy selling a watch with a perfect dial and case and bracelet has a great watchmaker and also is a hell of a designer :-)

Dr. Frankenstein called and is flattered by the imitation.


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