Monday, March 26, 2012

Repost: Omega & Patek cal. 321 & cal. 2872.

I think it is interesting to think that to most watch enthusiast the brands: Omega and Patek Philippe are worlds apart. I think its fair to say, this is probably true. Omega, while being an incredible brand that has brought the world as many significant horological achievements as any of the top Swiss brands; simply pales in comparison to the luster and quality of Patek Philippe.

I would imagine if there were a poll between which of the two was "better quality" the votes would be unanimous (with the exception of perhaps a huge Omega fan, who has been living in a cave for the last 50 yrs.)

However, there is an interesting parallel between Patek and Omega. This being the Lemania 2310 movement.

The Lemania 2310 movement is known by Omega fans as cal. 321 and to Patek fans as the cal. 2872.

That's right, Omega & Patek Philippe used the same movement for a while. Even more interesting is that while one may expect Patek to be the member of the party to quickly make their own in house chronograph movement and abandon the Lemania movement, this was not the case. Patek did not introduce their own in-house movement until the year 2009. This was the ref.  5960 with cal. CH 28-520.

I fact, Omega, after getting NASA certified with their Speedmaster, decided to switch to a cheaper (more accurate, according to Omega) movement cal. 861 (still Lemania based). While, Patek continued on for 50 years.

So Omega fans, if the speed master you have says something about moon on it, the closest it and others like it have ever been close to the moon was approx. 238,854 miles away. (I love Omega, I'm just saying...)

It seems Patek has more moon DNA, than Omega. It is more interesting that if one has a Patek Philippe ref. 1463, the value is $300,000.

Below a video of Omega's cal. 321 & a video On a rare Patek Philippe being auctioned.


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