Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Forum Find: Beautiful Vintage Patek Philippe.

As I was combing the forums I stumbled upon an amazing piece. This piece is a 1961 35mm Patek ref: 3444. This magnificent piece was retailed by Cartier (hence the brand name). It features the Patek automatic movement Patek 27-460. This automatic movement introduced in 1960 is highly respected by Patek enthusiast. It enjoyed a 25 year reign before being replaced in 1985 by the new slimmer Caliber 240. The Patek 27-460 is highly ornate and is often described as overbuilt. A wonderful review of this movement is available on Timezone.com  (If you haven't joined this forum yet, do so! There is a wealth of knowledge as well as a group of individuals with an immense passion for horology!)

Forum member's original post below.


Just realized I haven't posted for awhile.
Here's a nice 1961 35mm Patek, ref: 3444, with faceted lugs.
It's an interesting watch (history), because Patek only made this reference for approx. 1 1/2 yrs+.
In addition, the "elongated hour markers", as seen on this dial,is apparently unique "only to this reference" (to the best of knowledge/research).
Finally, the "Cartier dial" is the only one that I have ever seen on a reference 3444 (has all the correct Cartier hand engraved numbers on the back of the lug).
The movement is the Patek 27-460, arguably, Patek's finest automatic movement to date.
Sorry, no traditional "hand in the pocket shot",....will have to be for another time:).


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