Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Bay Watch Tuesday.

No Guys! Really you have to stop falling for this. I mean the other Bay.

Today I have an interesting find. A ladies Rolex Chameleon. I think these watches are absolutely stunning. They are refined and elegant and most importantly versatile! An interesting note is that there are a number of sellers selling new straps for these piece as they were popular oversees.

Seller Description:  Original vintage RARE ROLEX CAMELEON 18K SOLID LADIES FANCY WATCH is in used 98% MINT unpolished condition!  Serial number is 3322632 circa early 1960's. Rolex Cal#. 1401 perfect working order. All perfect mint condition 18K solid case. Comes with original beautiful box with original leather bands with Rolex GP buckle.  All original and 100% authenticity guaranteed. Serious bidder only otherwise it could be  a big waste of time and money to both seller and buyer. Shipping cost is $42 for EMS express airmail any where or $78  for Fedex tracking to ltaly.

2.  Also offered on the online auction giant is this an amazing find.  I have seen several vintage Rolex 6234s on ebay but none with the beautiful dial configuration like the one I own. This piece is a stunner and was a one owner piece. The seller has uploaded history as well as stunning pics. It doesn't get better than this! The watch also comes with a full letter of provenance. This watch is ready to be worn daily and has been completely overhauled and is offered at a great value!

Seller Description: Rolex Pre- Daytona Ref 6234 with a Fascinating and documented race history and race tire development
Serial #: 688,XXX
Case: Excellent case recently polished for the first time in 40 years with the correct 72A Movement.
New pushers and crystal was installed at the SF RSC and my watchmaker serviced the movement.
Dial : Very good silver and blue early oyster chronograph anti magnetic dial with matching luminous on the dial and hands.
There is a little corrosion on the dial as common with 6234 dials.
Bracelet: Very good riveted USA stretch bracelet with 11 links
Accessories: Photos of Sam Seigel the original owner of the watch.
The photos document Sam's Karting race history in the elite C class unlimited nitro 1960's category,
development of the eliminator tire for karting, and the notarized documentation of the first series of radial sport tires
for the 1960's muscle cars. Sam who is now 72 would also love to meet the new owner of the watch or at least talk to him/her
over the phone.

The Story:
To say Sam Seigel is an interesting man would be an understatement.
His story, that he has shared with me from the few times I have had the pleasure of having dinner with and hanging out with Sam
is incredible.
After graduating from Cornell, Sam who was a chemical and biological engineer started on the path of Cancer research.
But, research was not the right path for Sam who during that time sold a car he had and got a racing kart as partial payment.
The racing bug bit Sam when he started the rusty kart up and drove it around his block.

One thing led to another and Sam eventually started racing Class C Nitro 70hp karts and endurance karts full time. He also ran a shop building karts.
Sam's background in chemical engineering and kart racing transformed into a full time job of developing racing tires for karts. With the success of the
eliminator kart tires Sam was asked to be the Director Testing & Development for Eliminator tires.
Early 1960's cars where built for comfort and had 4 inch rims that couldn't handle the approaching muscle car horsepower wars.
The radical idea of the time, and one that car manufactures thought would not catch on, was that customers would buy larger rims to accommodate
race style tires on their street cars. The idea did catch on and the aftermarket tire and rim industry was born.

Sam's appetite for adventure got the best of him as he achieved all that he wanted in racing and car/tire development.

The next part of the Journey continued in the mid 60's Haight and Ashbury District of San Francisco and continued down the coast of
Big Sur (where Sam lived in a milk truck he deigned while searching for Jade for 15 years) and eventually finished in Berkeley where Sam lives today.

Side notes:
1.Sam discovered the value of his watch while watching antiques road show and saw a similar watch with an estimate for $25,000 -$30,000
2. Sam's father was friends with and belonged to the same Country Club as the president of Rolex in the 1960's
Whenever the watch needed a service Sam's father would hand it over to the President of Rolex while they were golfing.

I would highly recommend meeting Sam in person and watching his home made movies on racing and the flower power era of the 60's.


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