Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random Fashion NOs!

Alright Guys, it's been a while since I have given some fashion advice. I would like to preface by saying that I am by no means a fashion designer nor am I a stylist. I can't tell you if purple is or is not your color or even if it matches with your pocket square. What I can do is tell you what looks great on me and what looks awful on everyone else.

Alright Gents,
Here are two things that have changed while you were sleeping (Drunk-no doubt!)

A popped collar is not acceptable anymore. Once again: I am sorry. I do not make the rules. I'm just a messenger. A wake up call, so to speak. So let's read the new ordnance: Unless your first name is Count and your last name is Dracula, please fold your collars down. Mission achieved!
The pop collar look was bold and showed an interesting variation to the seemingly dry uniformed polo shirt craze. The public was drunk with power over this look and rocked it to the fullest. It is now the next morning and hangover's have set in. So come on... You can still rock double wrist Casio G-Shocks. Just no pop collars. Cool?

 Mr. Dracula carry on. Your look is timeless.

Ok. Another Random Fashion No. I've mentioned before that younger people should not be afraid to wear yellow gold watches. I myself love Rolex Day-dates as well as some Patek's in yellow gold. As long as it's real gold wear it and enjoy it! There is an exception. This goes out to everyone of all ages . A pinky ring and a gold watch do not go together. You see, word is out "Never trust a man with a pinky ring" etc. Unless your first name is Anthony and last name is Soprano. Leave the pinky ring in sock drawer. You can still wear your gold bracelet and chain necklace. Irealize some habits die hard.So, let's just baby-step this one.

Please note that I myself only wear pinky rings on Wednesdays and therefore exempt from this rule. Please also note that the above is meant for entertainment purposes and is meant only in jest.


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