Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bizarre But Beautiful! Rado


So, yesterday I was hanging out with a buddy of mine and the subject of vintage watches came up. He pulled out an interesting blast from the past. The piece was acquired by his father in Saudi Arabia in the late 70's. It was truly bizarre!It seems the name of Swiss timepiece maker Rado is not held in as high esteem these days as Rolex,Omega, Longines, or even Tag Heur, however, the Swiss brand has had an interesting history and some bizarre but beautiful pieces. Rado's designs (like that of Doxa's), were perhaps most relevant in the late 1960's and 70's. In certain areas of the world (U.A.E) Rado's designs were preferred over what are now the top brands. The companies insistence on being cutting edge and adoption of contemporary 70's oblong and distorted shapes led to their now, outdated legacy. It's interesting that when I see a 70s era Rado Diastar, I am instantly transported to Disneyland's classic Tommorowland area of the Magic Kingdom. It is interesting to ponder that these designs were once seen as futuristic and cutting edge. They now appear to be a failed idealistic perceptions of  "now". In any case, Rado is an interesting brand with some very bizarre but beautiful pieces. It is important to remember that every era has a second hoorah. So, maybe in a year or ten the classic 70's futuristic designs will be in vogue.



Unfortunately, the photos above were taken in less than ideal lighting settings.
Example below for further illustration oddity/novelty factors associated with Rado.

Below are some photo's of where Rado's are most likely most appropriate J/K.


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