Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stealth Wealth Saturday. (Although it's Sunday!) Patek 5110

Alright Guys, so, I have to admit that it is getting increasingly more difficult to find timepieces that are stealthy. It seems that "over the top" and "large and in charge" timepieces are in the majority. In short, it took a while for me to choose this piece. So, today's pick is the Patek 5110 in white gold. This piece is sleek and classical in design, yet the dial is intricate enough for its owner to notice something new at every glance. I am quite bias when it comes to this piece as I own the yellow gold version. The yellow gold variant is equally beautiful but is obviously more noticeable. Perhaps not as noticeable as a Rolex President, it's an eye catcher.
Though this Patek 5110 will set you back around $30,000 USD. It is important to remember that Patek watches are truly heirloom quality and actually have the ability (like many Swiss timepieces) to "live" hundreds of years.


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