Monday, November 7, 2011

Spotlight: Fellow Watch-Nut Sylvester Stallone !

I think most Swiss Monsters know that Sly (Sylvester Stallone) is GREATLY responsible for Panerai's worldwide success. Had this star not stumbed across the brand and then ordered a large number of bespoke pieces from the then small Florence based company, who knows,  if most of us would even know or care about the company. It's fair to say that perhaps even the now widely acknowledged "Big Watch Trend" would have ever came to be (Read THIS for more info om Sly's affiliation).
It's undeniable that action stars love BIG watches. Arnold is an avid AP fan and has even partnered with the company and has had several limited edition releases (Most notably the End of Days,T3,All Stars etc). Despite an inaccurate public perception Arnold and Sylvester are really great friends. They are even involved in business with the restaurant chain "Planet Hollywood" (*Bruce Willis is also a co-owner).  Below is a photo of all three of the chain's owners. This is on set of the hit film "The Expendables".

Above is a photo of Rambo leaving a meeting with Arnold at Cafe Roma. It looks like the Terminator gave him a gift!

In any event, while browsing through YouTube, I stumbled across the following video.

You know you have made it when watch companies are more than ready to make bespoke pieces for you. That is when you have officially reached watch Heaven!

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