Monday, November 14, 2011

Spotlight: Accurist Chronograph Watches W/ Landeron Movements.

A watch both British & Swiss = Fashion!

Accurist is perhaps not as well known in the states as it is in the U.K, but don't dismiss this company just yet. It was once the choice of the 60's and 70's English celebrity. Everyone from John Cleese of the Monty Python series to The Beatles wore Accurist. The companies roots trace to a husband and wife team. Mr. Asher Loftus and Mrs. Rebecca, believed that there was a gap in the U.K market for high quality/fashionable competitive priced timepieces. The "Old England" series best represents the fashion of the brand and featured over-sized numerals, bright colors and contemporary designs (wiki). An interesting note about these chronographs is that they used the Swiss Landeron Cam-based chronograph movement. Landeron movements are unique in that, the top pusher activates the stop-watch but the second pusher stops the function and as well as serves as the reset button. 


(Photos and some reference material borrowed from HERE)
 Please note. The Accurist Watch Company is still in business but does not make mechanical timepieces any longer (Just Quartz).


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