Monday, November 21, 2011

Rolex GMT Kick: Transparent/Exhibition Rolex Caseback

So, it's no secret that I am on a Rolex GMT kick. I recently added a 16750 to my collection and have been reading extensively on the Rolex GMT history. I was combing the forums and coincidentally came across this post by a fellow forum buddy, Directioneng. 

Most Swiss Monsters, know that Rolex watches typically (almost never!) come with exhibition or transparent casebacks. This is of course, because glass reduces and compromises the ability for a timepiece's water resistance. Up to today, I was only aware of one Rolex watch with exhibition back. This model would be a modern homage to their classic Prince "Doctor's watch". While, I have seen countless aftermarket and fake exhibition casebacks. This one is a first!

Click on pictures below to enlarge.

P.S For future reference if one sees an exhibition caseback on a Rolex, it is most likely a fake. Now, with that being said, some enthusiast do buy aftermarket casebacks to show off their Rolex movements. These are pretty obviously authentic to those who are somewhat familiar with Rolex movements.

 Below is a genuine Rolex Prince (Re-issue) w/exhibition back (the only I was aware to exist until today).

 Below is an example of genuine Rolex with custom sapphire caseback.

Photo above borrowed from Here, where more info on custom casebacks is and the Rare GMT w/custom-factory caseback.


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