Thursday, November 10, 2011

Classic Americana: Rolex & Pan Am!

Alright guys, so its no secret that the new ABC show Pan Am is already peeking interest in the so called Rolex "Pepsi" GMT. The show has reminded viewers of how cool it was to be an airline pilot flying for the legendary Pan-Am. If one really wants to get into the spirit, watch the movie "Catch Me If You Can". This is a great film that has lots of Pan-Am content as well as an Aston Martin DB5. So, if your like me and already pumped up about the show Pan-Am and Rolex. Here's a bit more fuel for the fire!

P.S If one were buying a Rolex GMT Pan-Am/Pepsi, I feel the 16750 is the best bang for the buck. i have a few video review coming out next week!

Photo above borrowed from: HERE (lots more info and goodies!)


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