Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big, Bold, Bright. Doxa Orange Divers!

So, I promised to mention lesser known Swiss watch makers. Today I have delivered! Today's post is on the watch company Doxa. So what is a "Doxa" and what does it mean? The word Doxa originates from Greek (like so many other words) and means: popular opinion or common belief (Hence: Orthor"dox".) The brand Doxa was founded in the canton district of Switzerland in 1893 by Georges Ducommun. Although, the company is 118 years old and has had an interesting affiliation with automotive and diving throughout. The most prolific period of history is between 1960-1970. The company has recognized this as being their golden age and produces various pieces adhering to the design of that period (Enter Big, Bold, Bright Orange Doxa Dive Watches.) You may be asking, why it is you have never heard of Doxa? Quite simple, they do not maintain U.S Authorized Dealers. Their current purchase/distribution chain is internet based. Please visit their site (link below).

The signature designs by Doxa are primarily cushion-shaped (Bulky!) cases w/ "beads of rice" bracelets (Engineered to expand as so to fit over dive suits). The Orange dial featured on the professional series of the collection is iconic. Unfortunately it's notoriety is from an imitation homage by Seiko (Enter Orange Monster!)

 So, Who wears Doxa? (Enter Guy Frieri of the show Diners, Drive-ins And Dives.)



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