Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Fashion No's!

Alright everyone, it's time for another post on fashion Faux-pas. I've stated before, I am by no means a fashion Guru. I simply know what looks great on me and what looks awful on others. I typically wear what has been called a uniform. This uniform consist of : A Polo shirt with pressed khakis or jeans and dress shoes. This ensemble always is coordinated to compliment my timepiece.

So, Today's Date Is September 28th 2011

I would like this to be known as "Anti-Spiedel Bracelets Day".
These stretchable pieces of _____ have plagued the world of watches for too long. It seems many wearers adopted the bracelets after their original band broke or became stretched. The notion of "One size fits all" was very alluring and seemed at first to be the perfect fix. However, these wearers, who fitted these craptastic bands on their fine Swiss pieces, forgot one very important thing; they are hideous! Over the years the bands yellow plating looses its luster and descends into a murky shade; it's stretch links are filled with dirt and debris and most horrific-they end up scratching the watches lugs!
In the past I have made a point to say that certain age groups are exempt to certain fashion faux-pas. Sorry Guys and Gals, a Spiedel stretchable band is not acceptable on any Swiss or fine-made Timepiece. I think what has set me off, is the fact that I recently came across a beautiful white gold Patek fitted with a Spiedel band. This band made the Patek look cheap. This is a feat I did not know was possible. It also left marks on the lugs and in between, in my eyes De-valuing the piece.

So, If you have a Spiedel band (I'm sure no Swiss Monsters do), remove it and destroy it. I have found the best way to retire these vulgar pieces is to use pliers. Though scissors can be equally rewarding.

Ps. I know one would like to try the destructive method below. However, I have found the results very unsatisfactory.


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