Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stealth Wealth Saturday. (2)

It's "Stealth Wealth Saturday" again. Today I have another undercover bling timepiece. This is by the Swiss maker Patek Philippe. This Platinum Stealth-Wealth timepiece  features a tourbillon escapement.

For those of you asking, what is a tourbillon movement ?
A tourbillon movement is a mechanical watch movement with a special addition added to the escapement (a tourbillon.) The french word translates to mean: world-wind/tornado. The tourbillon escapement was invented by the most prolific watchmaker of all time, Abraham Louis Breguet (around 1795)

(From Wikipedia) A tourbillon aims to counter the effects of gravity by mounting the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage, to negate the effect of gravity when the timepiece (and thus the escapement) is rotated.

To truly understand, one must see!

The Patek 5101P has a retail of $325,000.00 USD


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