Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random Act Of Beauty! (#3) + Fashion Tip.

Today I am featuring a vintage Rolex 18K Submariner featuring the so-called nipple dial (model 16808).  This is one of my absolute favorite watches. The subtle chalky black dial with small sub-circle indices is mind boggling beautiful.  Remember this is the Rolex Submariner at it's most elegant and sophisticated state (18k yellow gold).
It seems so many younger people have a problem sporting yellow gold with confidence.  I am quite sure, however, that with a little confidence, even a fifteen year old could sport this watch with style. This piece is owned by a forum buddy of mine who is about my age (26 years old).  He rocks this watch with awesome class! While the piece dazzles on the original gold oyster bracelet.  The owner wears it also on a Bund-Strap (Fat Strap), this makes the piece sporty and ultra beautiful.

So, a message to younger watch enthusiast.
1.  Nothing is wrong with wearing a beautiful yellow gold watch.  They are not only beautiful pieces but also show confidence and maturity.

2.  Nothing is wrong with rocking (wearing) a piece that is not exactly stealth-wealth.  If you work hard and have the money, enjoy it. Showing your watch off in appropriate (safe situations) is A-OK!

Last bit of advice! Very important.  Please note that it is cool to wear 18k,14k, 10k, etc gold timepieces. However, It is never ok to wear a fake gold watch.  Just my humble opinion.

(Special thanks to Matt for giving The Swiss Monster permission to use pics of his beautiful timepiece.  Cheers!)

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